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"En Dårlig Dag" (A Bad Day)

This site is a kind of Scrap-book for my short-film.
Bjarki Thomsen

Writer/Director of En Dårlig Dag,  A Bad Day

Review of A Bad Day in a French webzine, by Pamela Messi: 

English translation, about "En Dårlig Dag":

“En Dårlig Dag” (A Bad Day, Denmark), by Bjarki Thomsen, showed a lot more of (dark) humour and next, he addresses to the human degradation and greed, following a hitman’s lousy day, for whom nothing goes as expected; while a warm bath is waiting at home.

His "contracts" are rebelling and threatening to kill themselves, just to frustrate and prevent him from reaching his goal (the hitman is only paid when he kills the target himself). With irony and turning away from the B movies , Thomsen manages to create an amusing hysterical suspense.....

....Finally, three gems of poetry and finesse, not necessarily more optimistic about human nature, but, in any case, good suggestions.

ÉCU 2010: Interview with Bjarki Thomsen, Director of "En Dårlig Dag"

Bjarki Thomsen director of "En Darlig Dag" (A Bad Day) at the ECU European Independent Film Festival 2010 in partnership with G-Technology by Hitachi. Shortlisted for European Dramatic Short.

For the pictures from the ECU European Independent Film Festival 2010 go to http://www.flickr.com/photos/g-techno...

Steffen Nielsen

Character: Jens Hansen

Steffen Nielsen had a mainrole in the danish shortfilm "501".
The film was nominated for best short in Denmark 2008.

Phone: +45 20 63 07 39

Steffen Nielsen is acting in this music video from the famous Danish duo Infernal, Love is All.

Shortfilm. 15 minutes. Drama, suspense, and dark humour.

A hitman's job doesn't go as planned. Some people pretend to be nice, as a cover for their sinister plan. And have no empathy for others.

"En Dårlig Dag" 

was awarded with Principal's Travel Legacy.

The European Independent Film Festival (ÉCU) will screen the very best independent films from around the world to a large audience of filmmakers, film industry professionals and a public that craves the energy and free spiritedness of creative independent films. ÉCU 2010 will be held at Le Grand Action Cinema in Paris, France from 12th-14th March, 2010.

Meet Indie Film Director: A BAD DAY (En Dårlig Dag)

Mairi Cunningham talks to the film's director Bjarki Thomsen

Trailer for "En Dårlig Dag" (A Bad Day) 

David Garmark

Character: Brian

David Garmark has participated in over 60 productions so far, in tv series, movies, commercials and music videoes.
He is based in Copenhagen, Denmark.

David Garmark has, among other things, acted in a commercial for Audi, 2008.
Audi R8 The Hostage. (It's got over 3 million hits on YouTube)

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